Wednesday, January 21, 2015

“Il Cenacolo”
The Art of Depicting the Last Supper of Christ 

The City of Florence is abounding with many frescos depicting the Last Supper of Christ, known as Il Cenacolo or “The Banquet”.  The School of Sacred Art offers this three week intensive with instructor Anthony Visco as a means to bring the practitioners of sacred art into the sacred mysteries of depicting one the most significant moments in salvation history, Christ’s Passover and the institution of the Holy Eucharist.

By visiting and discussing each of the nine frescos depicting the Cenacolo images painted by the Florentine Masters we will engage in drawing and designing an image of The Last Supper.  With the use of life models and drapery studies, each student will draw a variety of figures from various views, some standing, some seated, and others kneeling, students will be instructed in what Saint Ignatius calls “the composition of place” and how placement and arrangement assists us in the narrative of Christian art.  By contemplation, reading together and choosing which moment in the Scriptural narrative the student wishes to depict, and with the inspiration of the Florentine Masters, each student will be instructed through studio workshops in composing his or her original own “Cenacolo” or Last Supper which can be used as the source for a mural, painting or relief composition.

Visits to the Cenacoli of the Florentine Masters will include:
  1. Santa Croce / Taddeo Gaddi
  2. Santo Spirito / Andre Orcagna
  3. Sant’ Apollonia / Andea del Castagno
  4. La Badia di Passignano / Ghirladaio
  5. Ognisanto / Ghirladaio
  6. San Marco / Ghirlandaio
  7. Convento di Foligno / Scuola Perugino
  8. Convento dalla Calza / Francabigio
  9. Via della Nina / Andrea del Sarto
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Monday, January 19, 2015

The Art of Devotion: Summer Courses in Florence at the School of Sacred art

The Annunciation
Lessons of the Florentine Masters

“The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary
And she was conceived by the Holy Ghost”

The City of Florence is rich in the variety of those works based on The Annunciation the announcement to the Virgin Mary that she was to be the Mother of God and the announcement to all human kind that unto us a Savior shall be given! The School of Sacred Art in Florence, Italy offers a two week intensive course focusing on the theme “The Annunciation” and the abundant lessons of this theme taught to us by the examples of Florentine Masters. This course of study will be instructed by Anthony Visco, liturgical artist and designer.  Participants will study and how the Florentine culture within Catholic context produced the great masterpieces devoted to the Annunciation, and hence, the art of the Incarnation.

Presented as a series of studio classes in disegno, students will work from life models using a variety of poses to assure each student of vast range of compositional choices. Through studio workshops, site visits to witness works of the Annunciation in situ, as well as scriptural readings and meditations, participants will gain first hand knowledge and practice by experiencing these works within the liturgical context for which they were and are designed and, in particular, how they continue to speak to us of the Annunciation to the Blessed Virgin Mary and of the Incarnation of Christ.

Our studies will include:
1. Fra Angekico Da Vinci
2. Botticelli / Ghirladaio
3. Ghiberti / The North Doors
4. Donatello /Santa Croce /
5. Leonardo da Vinci / The Tuscan Landsacpe
6. Simone Martini / Actual and Implied Light
7. Verrocchio  / Or San Michele /  Paneggio /Drapegio
8. Donatello / Pazzi Chapel / Relievo: Acual and Implied Space
9. Luca della Robbia /Signs and Synbols of the Annunciation
10. Andrea del Sarto / Pontormo / Cangiante

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